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December 1:

We would like to thank Roy DeSelms for this month's Featured Stein. To read more about this very detailed and other interesting "Stolen Steins", click on the picture to the left.

November 5:

Check out the latest entry in Show & Tell to read the write up from the Los Angeles Daily News about the Bob Wilson Mettlach collection which is currently on display at the American Museum of Ceramic Art (AMOCA) in Pomona California.

September 12:

The SCI web site has a new Webmaster!  Please welcome Casey Hayes of the Thoroughbred Stein Verein as the new webmaster. To see what other changes to SCI occurred at the Pittsburgh convention, check out the Announcements link
in the Members Only section.

August 25:

Articles for Prosit issues for the years 1986-1987 are now available in
the Members Only section.

July 17:

A new Chapter & Verse is out. Check under the SCI Business link in the Members Only section.

Articles for Prosit issues for the years 1978-1985 and 2013 are now available in the Members Only section.


At the right is one of many musical steins you can see in an article by Dr. Casey J. Hayes in the September issue of Prosit. The issue contains many more articles in addition to those listed below. Click on the picture for a list of all the articles in this issue. 

Featured in this issue are: 

Manufacturer Discovered
   by Arvid Frende

The Language of Bowling and Steins
   by John Strassberger

Washington Pokal
   by Ron Fox

A Prized Fritz Quidenus Design
   by Terry Hill

Photos From the Road
   by Ron Fox

Since 1965, when SCI was founded, this quarterly journal has been a leading source of information for stein collectors, and has provided the basis for the stein collecting community. Over 5,000  pages of "steinformation" have been published to date.

Each issue is full of original articles of interest to stein collectors: unusual finds, artists, history, military pipe bowls, themes, marks and more.

The cover of the Current issue of Prosit is shown on the left. Click on the picture for a list of contents, along with the subscription rates,  and instructions for subscribing. 

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